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Upgrade your dispensary with its very own mobile app. Be seen where your customers are most, on their phones. Use push notifications to drive sales. Leave the coding to us.

Increase your sales, stay competitive.

Created For Dispensaries
Research shows that apps can produce 20% more revenue for your company while also handling at least 40% of your ordering, we want to provide even more for your dispensary with data analysis and hands on engineering.
We make it accessible to active cannabis shoppers by placing your business where they can see it and making it easier to discover your products to grow your community.
Carefully designed
Our hands-on engineers spend around the clock hours to create the upmost perfect technology to suit your specific dispensary goals and challenges. With a focus on Push Notifications to keep your customers engaged with your business
Extremely versatile
The software is developed to be compatible with both IOS and Android to allow maximum expansion.
Team Inclusive
Our app designers schedule one on one demos and personal messaging so you can be alongside during the process while we create an app specific to your standards.
Allows customers to send and share your app listings through a customizable link which will expand your audience and sales all within the comfort of your mobile device.
Technology is growing vastly within our generation, more businesses and managers are promoting at-home purchases to support customer experience. We allow you to follow that trend, make more money, and have more time off.
Enhanced Shopping
We carefully organize your app based on your preferences and what is statistically proven to attract an audience to create a stress-free and easy shopping experience.
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WeedApps stays up to date with your customers needs.

As technology has become more popular throughout the years, customers are looking for more innovative ways to interact with businesses, we can provide that by displaying your content on the thing your customers use most, their phones.
We use the most up to date market research to stay informed on what your customers want and deliver it. We provide content for push notifications, ideas for deals to promote yourselves and much more.

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Take the next step in your business development. We can help you zone into that next chapter right in the comfort of your own mobile device.
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